popular blogger sites list for free

now a day everyone is using internet. And searching for their interest like a man who are coke who like find food recipes that improve his skill. they also like to create his online kitchen for free then the blogger site will support him to create a welcome site so hire the blogger sites list where you can easily create a common website. down the popular blogger sites list for free.
Now let start with WordPress
1.      wordpress.com
 It is a free and pro platform that page rank PR is 9. You can easily create a free website and in the features turn it into premium website with features alike themes self & sub domain hosting, analytics. Most of the webmasters enable submit a guest post for their visitor according to my source.
2.      wordpress.org
The amazing and most popular platform the page rank PR is also 9. It is complete cms (content management system) that are built in php and MySQL. The favorite site for webmasters because it easy to maintain it. And inside the WordPress store where you find lots of themes, app for development that is free and paid.

3.      Blogger.com
The completely free platform where you build an awesome blogspot list. shares content with others mange it easily. That was created by google blogger. It subdomain is blogspot.com

4.      wix.com
wix is completely pro and premium that’s price starting from USD 4.50/month when you connect or buy a domain. It is easily to handle it for newbie web user. Cool to manage but so expensive bills.
5.       livejournal.com
Inside their is social network where you share multiple articles as your choice. Find your interest and start writing articles and share with your community people. I am also likely part of funny blogs.
6.        weebly.com
that is for starter to beginners. With reliable tools create your own ecommerce web site sell your product. Also for dependable for blogger. That user is over 40 million people.
7.      tumblr.com
Excessive form where share post image with other. Chat option is also available for users. Share whatever you like. It is also known as infographic place.
Here are the other personal blogs sites list & most popular blogs where you visited and join as your taste.

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