How to add custom templates to blogspot website?

How to add custom templates to blogspot website

Now a day new newbie is choosing blogspot platform because it is free and flexible to use any types of person can routine this and start about your journey. First thing when changing the theme is your blogger is attracting creditability. The reader to come again you blog to see website. I have now known introduce the panels/platforms where you can find your favorite, seo and mobile friendly template. Telling you to add customization to your blog. Down the three links of website you will find awesome custom themes. just visit this links you will understand and download easily. 

when design is select and templates is saved in (computer/pc/laptop) now go to the account (sign in) or (login). If not have an account then sign up with gmail.
google account

The selected theme you have been download is mostly zip,rar format extract them (if not have any tool to extact any setup use winrar software). Open & view the extract folder find the .xml file.

Once file is found come to the blogger dashboard. There is lots of options is appear in the screen like stats,earnings etc. You have only select the Template button and tick the backup / restore.

A popup option will show now click the (choose file) & select the .xml file that is already found now press upload. All settings is save and update now.
download templates

Now template is successfully install. blogger dashboard template is an overwhelming thing to do it now website has been change into new form.


My recommendation is download and save the old theme because when like to change the childhood theme you will able to upload it.

also read : secure http redirect in blogger.

Now lets discuss in the comments if had any issues with customization or need any help.


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