What is Tag Assistant (by Google)

Tag assistant is basically a tag detecting tool. That extension is a very valuable instrument in trying and correcting your implementation. It does virtually the lot of things you would suppose. Is used for many purpose most of the webmasters using the this for viewing the AdWords, google analytics, tracking conversion tag manager and such likening this tags etc. Now telling you how to use it.
Step1. Add this app to your chrome browser (Tag Assistant by Google).

Step2. Open the specific website to view the tag for example: click this (link)

Step3. Now enable the (TA tag) press the enable.

Tag Assistant

Step4. When you enable it. Refresh/reload the page by pressing the “F5” button. And now there is three tags detect in the website the (Google analytics, Google publisher tag, Google tag manager) and with it id.
Tag Assistant

Can also record all when allow recording and keep with relax suffering when stop recording you will able to see all analytics in the web browser. By installing this app, you will be accepting the Google polices.  


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