what are the most popular social media sites

Now a day there is lot of websites was made. 
Social media are always being in on demand. Because everyone who used internet regularly they are probably used these sites. Community network now a day is most popular source for webmaster because they do not leave or forgot because they are the main foundation to get traffic. Utmost of the working online editors use these sites equally as main tools to get social traffic.

Social media websites

Topmost 7 ranked Network website for 2016-17. Publishing the 10 list of the superlative community networking sites by getting motivated by of these best social network.
list of sites checks their popularity by viewing Alexa Rank, ranking, small reviews of these for the year 2016.

Totally of the Best Social media specified underneath remain very common in relations of user base in all nations, mostly in - United Kingdom, United state of America, Pakistan, France, Japan, Singapore, India, Brazil, Australia, China, Germany, South Africa and Asian Countries!

the most popular social media site for business

Actually, Social network are very TRENDY in today time and these sites and have become controlling brand over the Internet handlers of all walks of life.


Orkut takes remained finished by the permission of owner Google Inc. And it is no longer to available.

Google Plus

Google plus as related to Facebook this is new social media site and its parents is googling in 2014 they become top most popular site in the internet history. Has grownup extremely in a very tiny period of time.


The previous two years’ history Pinterest has now become a solid power not the one as a sharing site but it’s also became a commanding content marketing platform for business community.

So, here is a short-lived list of the top 7 social media sites.


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