How to Delete a Blogger Permanently?

You’re understanding this risks are you have prepared the decision to remove your blogspot or account.

That is the 1 of the supreme common platforms that permits you to make your personal blog for free without at all charges.

You don’t consume to care about hosting, official stuff or whatever like that. That’s why countless people jump over to create their opening blog as well as that’s categorically acceptable.

But, at around idea, you realize that you no lengthier want to keep it also need to erase your old blog account.

Around might be many explanations, you prepared the blunder with your first blog, you see to everything mistaken or whatever the reason may be.
So how can you always delete your web or account? This tutorial is showing you to delete a blogspot forever. I have been added the solutions to utmost normally tested questions about deleting a blogger account or to remove any doubts you have.
Caution: Erasing will remove the whole thing including posts and pages.

How to delete a blogspot forever?

Step 1: Get in to your account with Gmail account.

Step 2: Select the blog that you want to delete and click the down shaft button as shown in picture.

Step 3: Click on setting push button and select “Other” traced at the left-hand side.

Step 5: Hit it off on “delete blog” then this window will popup.

Step 6: highly suggestion move your blog first just in case you choose to move back. Once you ‘concerning done click on “Delete this blog
your blogspot will be erased. Here’s whatever you’ll change to in your homepage.

You will discover the gradient of all your removed blog finished there. Your self-control has 90 days to reestablish your blog and if you don’t do that it will be deleted permanently.

Commonly asked queries

At this point remain about of the most frequently asked questions that I emanate through on changed opportunities so I definite to put pen to paper altogether of them terminated now to support you out.

Q: In what way to delete my blogger account always after deleting my blog?

You can’t. You want to realize that your blogger account is linked with the Google account and Google mail. You just know how to single blogger from Google account. Therefore, account not be able to be deleted without erasing your Gmail account.
If you still want to erase your blogger account forever, just close your Google account but be cautious before taking this final choice.

Q: How to erase a blog spot without logging in?

First of all, try to recover password try it as possible. If you don't enough to space to remained back the password, then recover your email address from Google accounts.
If nonentity workings, just submit the request to Google and they’ll validate if you are the singular owner of the blog and resolve your problem.

Q: How can I delete my blog when I dis remember my email or can’t log in? 

If you made a blog with a form the past unknown email and you dis remembered it. There is nope technique to gain access to you get blog back. Unluckily, blogger support does not help in solving ownership issues.


Erasing the blog is cooler than you consider. But, possessions potency converts shoddier when you forget login information or have no access to your Gmail account.
What was the last time you erased your blogger? Remained it cool? Be there somewhat if I lost anything in this post, feel free to let me see in comments.

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