How to create a https secure redirect in blogger?

HTTPS is countless for the safety of information as it encrypts the data transmitted among operators & a website. That is defends from hacker attack such as data sniffing & man-in-the-middle-attack. Https stand for (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure). It’s found and used in (www) (World Wide Web). You can also understand my https blog shown up https powerisfull blogspot at the top of web address.

Now learn how to enable it.
> login to your blogger account, go to the dashboard.
> Go to the setting.
blogger settings

> Click the basic option.
> Now enable “HTTP redirect by clicking “Yes”.

Why it’s used in web address
When normally used internet start surfing sites and someone try to hack pc/laptop using different types of methods like data sniffing, man in the middle attack, control your computer using virus etc. Attacks, the https protocol telling you are safe down the image below you can watch it. unsure

In this time that is not secure browsing two reason why that is not safe.
A.     Some try to hack your system.
B.     The web site is hacked.

RECOMMENDATION:  I recommend you install antivirus in your computer system. Because some attack can have detected by antivirus. I endorse you install avg because I proudly use then three years. Mostly online and offline threat have been identifying with this. Also indorse used vpn when try to use an someone open Wi-Fi they has been protect you from wifi hacking.

Now shown up that is regular url and its normally safe.

google co uk

Publicized up picture that is fully protected with https can see green lite is the prove the connection is secure.


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