How to Build Free Blog On Blogspot


There be various types of blogging platforms. That offer operate the facility to make free site. Doubt you remain watching designed for a humble open blog. My recommendation is to start with or

 I personally generally recommend to building with your own domain and hosting. And making your blog via WordPress(.org).

Telling you why hunger on the way to start a blog
When you identify your target, success your way becomes easier, right?

People are start blogs for many of different types of reason. Now, it is great way to:

Become a superior being. Advantages you think stronger, connect with world also construct your creative flair.
Improve your text writing. Writing know-how comes per regular practice and start help your write routinely
Style your ability to speak hear. Disappeared those times when only controlling political figure as well as rich businessmen might air their opinions. Present day, you, too, can.
You need near support persons proceeds controller of their own economics? Start your identifiable blog. You demand publics would work out more.
Get put out. The domain world is changing, and old-style editors are subsiding into irrelevance. Cool writers are nowadays make a blog, figure a loyal viewers and publish their works. This attitude works continuously.

Stage by stage Guide to Making a Free Blog:

To create your free site, dome over to and login with your Google account. If you don’t have a google gmail account, then make a new account one in minutes.

The first time user, your self-control to see a choice to custom the identity from your Google Plus profile. Or you can use your partial BlogSpot profile. I you using your Google Plus profile.

Now go to https www blogger
Click the new blog button
A popup window will show up on screen

new blog

Name your blog

 Writing in address bar. The first thing you required to prepare is add a name and choice your domain. Sidestep by means of your private name as the domain forename.
Name your title, selects themes and You can now choose a blog template can alternate it anytime. hit it off “create blog”.


Now blogspot is ready to use for posting. You can customize layout, background by self-mind.
Add your interesting post whatever do with this.
Share with your friends and other people.

If you had any question just comments on and feel it free. So your blog is practically ready and you be able to start writing posts. Nearby remain other settings I recommend you do.


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